House in Whitley Bay 

residential / extension / reconfiguration 

We were approached by a couple who had recently moved to a house located in Whitley Bay. The house had recently been refurbished with a high quality kitchen, but they lacked a space for entertaining guests / dining. The house is a typical Victorian terrace with an offshoot to the rear housing the utility room. 

We looked at multiple options for extending and providing the dining space they wanted through various reconfigurations of the rear of the house. 

With each option we modelled the design in 3D with furniture to allow the client to visualise exactly what the spaces would be like. One of the main concerns was whether the kitchen would feel dark if a ground floor extension was added to the rear of the house. We were able to demonstrate that (with clever placement of rooflights!) that the kitchen would still feel very bright. The computer model is geo-located enabling an accurate representation of how light will enter the rooms at different times of day / year. 

Option 01 - 

Internal reconfiguration

Option 02 - 

Linear extension

Option 03 -


Option 04 - 


Option 01

Option 02

Option 03

Option 04