NOVUM Festival 

Box of Delights TWAM  - Workshop 

Studio Mint were comissioned by Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums (TWAM) to facilitate an accessible drop-in workshop for NOVUM festival. 

The overall festival theme was 'monumental' and asked participants to think about what makes Newcastle 'Monumental'. 

Newcastle’s heritage and culture is built on the back of industry, engineering and making. A place where people built ambitious structures and ideas which changed the landscape of the UK and the world beyond.

 Artwork reflects the culture that surrounds it. Newcastle has evolved since the museums were built but the principles of innovation and civic pride remain the same.

The museums are a place for all people to learn about the past in order to envision the future.

During the workshop participants made an artwork about thresholds... the point of transition between past and future. All who visit the museums will enter through a door into a different world. The doors to these buildings are designed deliberately and distinctly. They represent the unique monumental identity of each at a human scale.